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Sarah Hoyland, from The Classic Safari Company in Australia, recently stayed at Mara Plains in Kenya and apart from loving everything there was to do at the camp was fortunate to be around when the Wild Dogs decided to visit the Mara Plains area for the first time in a verrryy long time Thxs Sarah […]

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“Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars…and if you have eyes you will see that the whole existence is joyful. Everything is simply happy. Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to […]

This morning at 6:30am, as guests were leaving camp for their morning drive, their guide spotted three Wild Dogs passing within 200 meters of the camp, heading north through the Olare Orok Convervancy. Some of you may feel this may not be something that special but to put this in perspective, there are no recorded […]

This morning, as the first light spread over the plains, the mother Cheetah with the now almost fully grown male cub managed a successful hunt across the plains right in front of the mess tent. They both managed to eat their fill before crossing the river above the camp and moving further into the conservancy. […]

The trip was absolutely AMAZING. We could not have been happier with our accommodations and appreciate all the notes and surprises along the way. Mara Plains was spectacular and the level of service, quality of food and experience was above and beyond our expectations. Our guide ended up being Richard, the camp manager, who went […]

Considering it has been an amazing month with the hugest Masai Mara migration and all the action that goes with it the last two days could only be called the icing on the cake. Imagine 30 large cats in one day? Multiple Lion prides and Cheetah (many with cubs) sightings all added up to a […]

Yesterday guests witnessed one of the longest river crossings anyone can remember. By 11 am in the morning the Zebra and Wildebeest that had been building and crossing the Mara river in dribs and drabs had reached huge numbers on the northern bank. Some of these animals started filing into the curl de sac crossings. […]

July 2012 News - Mara Plains Camp, Kenya

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard ‘Hamjambo’ (Greetings) to you all from the Mara and specifically the middle of the plains where, for the most part, it has been a month of clear, starry nights […]

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5 minutes ago, just moments before the bright sun sparkled over the Sunday morning horizon into a clear sky, two big male lions padded regally across the plain heading north through the long grass only 50 meters in front of the mess. Guests watched in awe from the steps before jumping into their game drive […]

Migration update from our friends and colleagues in the Mara: As of August 1: For the past two days there have been a lot of activities at the Mara river by Look out hill where the wildebeest have been crossing over to the triangle. However, there has been a change in direction of movement of […]

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23 July – While guests sat watching 13 lions of the Enkoyeni lion pride eating a freshly killed wildebeest they heard a sudden whistle of terror from the river line. The lions all jumped up and ran in that direction. When the vehicles arrived on the scene they found a +-12 foot python coiled around a […]

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  As the sun broke the horizon this morning the resident troop of Vervet monkeys started their warning calls from the tree tops on the verge of the camp. Their attention turned out to be on a female cheetah stalking across the plains in front of the sitting and dining area. Some Topi had spotted […]

Two days ago a group of Mara Plains guests packed lunch and drove south to Sand Rivers on the Serengeti/Mara border to see if they could catch a glimpse of the Great Migration. They were greeted with….half a million wildebeest and zebra heading our way! Such exciting news and we (the team at Mara Plains […]

There are very few questions that stump our safari guides here at Mara Plains. In fact, hats off to any guest who can find one! One of the few that have was “How do crocodiles mate?” A very good question, and one that we had to look up the (very fascinating) answer to: Well, […]

July on the Masai Mara plains has started as one who has been to this corner of the wild world would imagine – it has been epic to say the least. Yes the Great Migration is a little late this year (Nature does not have a schedule after all) but this has not meant that […]

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ABC television’s Nightline highlights the Big Cats Initiative, the new documentary by Dereck & Beverly Joubert called The Unlikely Leopard, and the work of Great Plains Conservation. This enlightening episode will open your eyes to the plight of the big cats and how to take action NOW. Regrettably only available to folks that are based […]

Dereck & Beverly’s latest film, The Unlikely Leopard, airs July 15 on Nat Geo WILD channel, and tomorrow night (July 12), an interview & a behind-the-scenes with the Jouberts will be airing on ABC Nightline. Tune-in, US friends!

June 2012 News - Mara Plains Camp, Kenya

“You don’t change the world to travel, you travel to change the world.” Dedrick D. L. Pitter This June, in comparison to other years, has been a wet one, adding to the way-over-average amount of rain this part of the Masai Mara has received in April and May. Consequently we are living in a sea […]

We’re have been inundated with requests as to what the new look and feel and where our new camp will be located in Kenya’s Masai Mara. Here’s what we have so far for you to enjoy… Mara Toto Camp will open on the 7th of November 2012, on a cool and secluded forested bend of […]

We had an amazing day yesterday (16 June 2012), warmly welcomed by the teachers and children at Endoinyo Erinka Primary School. This is a boarding school with 525 pupils aging from 2-18 years old at the heart of a small community about an hours drive north of Mara Plains Camp in a stunningly beautiful area. […]

Despite towering grass on the plains, the cats of the Olare Orok Conservancy have been on top form this week. One family staying at Mara Plains saw 8 leopards in 3 days, and 3 of those sightings were in one morning. The same day on their afternoon drive they witnessed TWO successful hunts, one by […]

While patrolling the river line just north of the Mara Plains Camp last night, a stunning and unmistakable silhouette of a mother leopard appeared on the raised horizon of the opposite bank against the evening sky. We watched for a few moments as Acacia’s signature figure paused and then slinked off down the opposite bank. […]

May 2012 News - Mara Plains Camp, Kenya

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Teddy Roosevelt It has been a quiet month here on the plains with the camp being closed for maintenance and a few touch-up renovations, including our suspension bridge that was severely beaten by the flooding river during the April rains. It has been […]

The rainy season has brought more water to the Masai Mara than most residents can recall in their lifetimes here. But the days are mostly clear and hot so the weather couldn’t be better for growth and new life. The camp vegetation is engulfing us and the residents are having a field day – literally […]

After 7 weeks of intensive renovations Mara Plains is opening today and looking better than ever. The grass is towering after copious amounts of rain in April and long clear sun shining days in May, so the Mara is stocked full of food for the Wildebeest when they arrive, which will be sometime in the […]

April 2012 News - Mara Plains Camp, Kenya

Mara Plains received half of one year’s average rainfall in the month of April this year! So the rains really did come this month in an incredible way. From the 1st through to the end of the month, it has been non-stop with huge storms of inches at a time through to all-day drizzles. This […]

Last night the Ntiekietek River, which winds it’s way through the camp, rose over 15 feet as torrential and continuous rain drained from the plains and hills to the north and crashed it’s way past, rushing at speed for Lake Victoria many miles down river. The rope bridge from the car park into camp was, […]

Photograph by Lorna Buchanan-Jardine On a drive from Mara North Conservancy back into the heart of the Olare Orok Conservancy this stunning male leopard was spotted by a Mara Plains vehicle hanging out in a lone tree way out on the open plains, miles away from the safety of the nearest river lines. Confident and […]

Last night the camp was visited by at least one but possibly two leopards. A big male (most probably Bow) was seen bounding past the staff camp at 9.45pm. The managers then woke bolt upright sometime later listening to heavy clawed paws walking across their deck ten feet in front of their bed. Next piece […]

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