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Zarafa Diaries – 17th February – Signs of the Bush
17th Feb 2012 Posted in: Botswana Camps, BushBuzz, Recently Spotted, Zarafa Camp 0

More often than not the way to track predators is by the indications from other species that draw you to them.  Last night when we were doing some regular maintenance at the work shop and we could see all the Impala looking in a completely different direction to us, despite our proximity.

The guests were promptly picked up from the main area and we we went in search to see what could be alerting the antelope. Reuban heard a “woop” from a close by pan indicating the Wild Dog.  We followed in haste to track the dogs hunting and running around to catch the Impala.  No luck for them tonight though.  It seems the nine puppies are still learning.  We got some great images though.

This morning in “the morning report”  we picked up that there are Lions a few miles from Zarafa, off the guests have gone again to see if they can use the signs of the wild to find another predator on the concession. Updates will follow.

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