Kenya Camps
Prideless Females’ lion cubs killed – Mara Plains, Kenya

We are extremely regretful to report that, after successfully rearing their cubs for four months, the Prideless Lionesses have tragically lost their ongoing battle to protect their little litter from the other rival lion prides in the area around Mara Plains Camp in Kenya.

They have fought tooth and claw in repeatedly defending their cubs against the other prides in the area, and last week they lost one of the four to rivals. But this morning the Moniko Pride caught up with them again, and as the fighter of the two mothers was already badly injured from a big scrap two nights ago, they were unable to hold off the Moniko lion males or to get their three cubs to safety. We had all become extremely attached to this family, and we are heart broken that, despite admirable and courageous fighting,  the Prideless Females have once again lost their little ones. This is the third litter in three years that these two females have seen killed by other lions, but these cubs were by far the oldest and we all had great hopes of them surviving to maturity.

Such is the harsh reality of this natural world.

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