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It’s raining Cats and Dogs… – Selinda Camp, Botswana

We pride ourselves in the diverse predator encounters that you may  experience on the Selinda Reserve – 18 individuals in a Pride of Lion, Cheetah brothers, many Leopard, and 12 Wild Dog and 13 puppies amongst the Hyaena’s, Jackals and many more exciting sightings to experience.

What can be the most incredible of situations is when you are lucky  enough to see these animals interact which can often be a battle of  the wilderness.

Following the Wild Dog has got to be well up there has a favorite, especially if they are hunting their favored prey the Impala, which
they often do in the evenings. This week our guests were doing just that on side of the Selinda Spillway.  Leopards are difficult enough  to find but how often is it when the Wild Dog pack are the ones who do the tracking for you!  A young male Leopard had just made a kill of a Baboon and was beginning the meal when the dogs, followed by our guests, found the Leopard.  With twelve dogs and one Leopard the dogs went on the chase.

The leopard ran up the nearest tree within seconds as the dogs ran round chirping away in excitement.  They sniffed at the dead baboon before getting bored and moving on with the hunt for their favoured Impala.  The episode continued as the Leopard eventually and cautiously moved back down the tree to pick up his  supper before bringing it back up the tree.

The next morning, incredibly, the Leopard was still up the tree –  “Once bitten twice shy”

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