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Cats clash! – Selinda Camp, Botswana

Botswana’s Selinda Reserve is home to both of Africa’s big cat species who have spots; the Leopard and the Cheetah. Sightings of either of these two are exceptional and a special part of anyone’s safari.

Jamie Hopf, a photographer and recent guest, along with her husband Andre were treated to an extremely rare sighting of both of these species simultaneously! She has been  kind enough to share some shots with us!

The Cheetah had made a kill and very soon thereafter the Leopard appeared and attempted to steal the kill. Amazing! The photos show the stand off between the two spotted cats and the ensuing scrap! Amazingly, they then tolerated each other for a short while on the kill and actually shared a little of the kill before the Leopard finally stole it for good.

A truly amazing, one-of-a-kind sighting for Jamie and Andre!

We hope to see you out here soon! Bush Greetings from the whole Selinda Team!

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