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Ditshebo Tsima Our Selinda Guide – known as “Dicks” has produced some of the most incredible “in action” shots this season at Selinda, here is just a small sample of many.       The Selinda Reserve has an incredible number of Lion Cubs at present.  One pride of 4 females claim 9 cubs  When [...]

August News - Selinda Camp, Botswana

 Dispatches from Selinda Camp August 2013 Denning dogs nearby Elephants in camp daily Multiple Leopard cup sightings Daily Hippos around Camp Wild Dogs killing in camp Lions roaring in the morning by camp Cheetahs hunting   August is still considered winter in Botswana but it has been a mild one at Selinda. In contrast to [...]

August News - Zarafa Camp, Botswana

The Zarafa Camp – Dispatches August 2013 Spring in the air brings an abundance of incredible sightings August passed Zarafa by and the first day of spring revealed itself. Most days followed a peaceful bush pace, the fresh morning hours elapsing slowly but surely into 4 o’clock tea-time and passing on to another amazing sunset.  [...]

August News - Duba Plains Camp, Botswana

Stories around the fire Stories would be told around the fire in the evenings with a sip of Gin and tonic, this time sitting a little further from the blazing fire as we see winter away and welcoming spring. “OT don’t you think the pangolins are the remains of the Dinosaurs”. Before getting a nicely [...]

    Feel free to admire some of the most stunning images taken by Reuben, who is one of our guides based at Zarafa Camp.  All of these images were taken with guests on game drives from the camp. Can you spot the Aardvark carcass up the tree? YOU CAN SEE ALL OF THIS ON [...]

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  Boating on the Zibidianja Lagoon, on the HSE Zibidianja  is an experience completely unique to our guests at Zarafa.  The boat can take up to 8 guests on an exclusive and private cruise for sunrise, sunset, lunchtime on the water or even for a spot of fishing. Issac the guide is pictured serving up [...]

I don’t think we have ever had such a run of luck with leopard sightings at Selinda.   Kane our Explorers guide said that for the past month every single guest has seen at east two separate individual leopards, and some times five.  The same has gone for Selinda and Zarafa. There are three mothers [...]

Saalamu mingi from the Mara and especially Mara Plains and Mara Toto camps where the migration season has been as busy as ever and just as action packed as we can remember. Writing this report now, with a huge downpour hammering the new Mara Plains tents and the surrounding area we are so over joyed [...]

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  Thank you Lets who will be seen guiding at both Zarafa and Selinda camps for Great Plains

HIPPO STORY BY THE BAYEI TRIBE (Living in Nothern Botswana) A folk story told around the fire-place When God made me, he gave me this ugly skin. My skin was heavy and outside the water I will burn. I then asked God if I can stay in the water so I can keep my body [...]

July News, Zarafa Camp - Botswana

Windy July It often gets windy in august as frontal systems come into the region.  Typically bright sunny days are cooled by this wind, which is especially pleasant during your siesta period.  For those completely adverse to the warmth fear not as our cool air evening breeze systems in the rooms that can come to [...]

July News - Selinda Camp Botswana

  7 new cubs in the Wapuka pride The cubs are still out doing frequent road patrols this month, trying to spot anything that might provide fair game as the grass is still proving to be that little bit too long for wee heads to look over. These young’uns are still a handful but they [...]

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  Tsessebe is known to be the fastest antelope. Lions are known to be tactical hunters. It would not be possible for a Lion to out run a Tseessbe, only through cooperative hunting can this be made possible through patience and ambush.  It goes to show that we are developing three strong and mature prides [...]

July News - Duba Plains, Botswana

Not a lot of flood this year The famous Okavango Delta flood began to recede this month, far earlier then in the previous three years.  Our rainy season just did not amount to much, and this was echoed in Angola.  The delta itself was also very dry from the lack of rain, so when the [...]

Our Selinda Reserve guides have announced that the Selinda pack’s female is now very pregnant (pictured). This is quite late in the season (denning normally occurs around June) , we are researching the reason for this. This is incredible news and we are on the edges of our seats waiting for the big day.   [...]

OT’s DUBA LION DIARIES The month of June was a very sad one for Duba lions after losing what they would refer to as a mother and a grandmother to most of these lions found in the area. The unfortunate death happened on the 06th of June.  Mosadimogolo (Old lady), as we would call her was found one [...]

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This month has seen for some fantastic game viewing but unfortunately you wont see much in the thick bush without the keen and experienced eyes of our guides here at Selinda. The current MVP for photos and sightings most recently has been our new guide Lets who we snapped up from Savuti Bushcamp. Not only [...]

                  Roan antelope are one of our most “elegant” mammal species that you can see on the Selinda Reserve. Not only three years ago these were incredibly shy, and to get a distant image was quite luckily.  Today, and seven years on since the concessions hunting completely [...]

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We have a new member of staff here at Selinda. This one works more on a volunteer basis and focuses more on the pest control side of the maintenance team. Meet Madison our Flap Necked Chameleon who is always on standby if there is anything large buzzing around the rooms. Her favourite hangouts include the [...]

We are finding an unprecedented number elephant visits to out camps this year. Zarafa has the famous George and now Selinda, Explorers, and Duba Plains are seeing them far more then they have in previous years. The main reason is that we had a very dry – wet season (an oxymoron perhaps?) and this has [...]

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The honey badgers are a nocturnal beast but we have seen them busying themselves during the peak of the day, perhaps the cool winter suits them well. This one, spotted in the middle of the road was adamant to get at whatever was stuck in the burrow. He provided some good hearted entertainment battling to [...]

A 45 minute boat ride last night in the serene waters surrounding Duba Plains provided a break from being on a vehicle, for our guests, and some excellent light for photography, with a low angle approach. Malachite Kingfishers are a sought after bird and regularly seen close to the camp.

The boys are back! The cheetah brothers have been spotted this week by the selinda airstrip. This is big news as over the past 3 months there has only been one cheetah spotted raising worrying questions as to the fates of the boys. Once a recognisable trio but after losing one of the group to [...]

June news - Selinda Camp, Botswana

We don’t even bother to count the number of days in a row where there isn’t a cloud in the sky – it’s the pristine blue seen only in the minds of artists and those who can imagine such sublime hues on such a grand scale. The smoke from fires in Namibia mixed with dust [...]

May news - ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya

May has definitely brought about some dramatic changes here at ol Donyo.  Now that the rains have ceased and the dry winter is upon us we are slowly watching the colors of the land change and with those color changes the variety of wildlife changes.  Without question, our resident bull elephant herd has found its [...]

May News - Selinda Camp, Botswana

It’s dry again The rainy season has come to a close and with it the sights of lush green grassland and those awe inspiring storms rolling towards camp. The flaps on the tents are up and we have packed away the umbrellas for another season: “The dry season is here and this year it is [...]

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May News - Zarafa Camp, Botswana

Zarafa Newsletter – May 2013 What a month we have had at Zarafa! Wild dog, leopard and lion all in one of guests photos, cheetahs, hyenas, elephants, leopard and lion cubs galore to name but a few of the myriad animals seen during May. ‘George’ the elephant is back in camp after 3 months wondering [...]

May News - Duba Plains, Botswana

Duba News – May 2013 The Okavango Flood The famous Okavango Delta flood officially reached Duba Plains in May. This is always celebrated in the region, with countless debates around the camp fire, postulating when the flood might arrive. “Is bigger then last year, or 2005 or 1982″ , there is plenty of room for [...]

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